Missing “Sleepwalker” Found at O'Hare

Police find family's missing SUV in airport parking

Naperville police say they have located a missing 12-year-old boy who disappeared from his family's home early Monday in the family SUV.

Police said David Moosemiller, who has a history of sleepwalking according to his family, apparently grabbed the keys' to the 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe sometime after 2 a.m., backed it out of the garage and drove off.

The boy's mother, Mary Moosemiller, said that when she got up this morning and noticed her son missing, she looked outside to find tire tracks in the snow on the driveway.  Neighbors said they saw tire tracks on nearby lawns.

Police said the SUV was found parked in an O'Hare Airport lot and the child was located inside the airport, unharmed.

Naperville police confirmed that Chicago police found Moosemiller at O'Hare, adding that he was "there of his own free will." 

Cmdr. David Hoffman, of the Naperville Police, said that it appears that Moosemiller was not sleepwalking, but rather running away.

After the boy was found, ABC7 Chicago reported that the boy's father had recently left for a trip to the Middle East.

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