Workout for Less

For as little as a $10 investment, (that's almost what I spend at Starbucks for 2 days) you can add some variety to your home gym.

Simply purchase a playground ball, paper plates and a set of 5-pound weights, and try this interval challenge at home for maximum calorie burn and muscle tone.

Here's a 30-Minute Workout that will JUMP start your at home training:

Cardio start: Mountain Climber Slides ---

Start in plank position and place feet on paper plates ( working on a carpeted surface is best but most slick floors work) Move knees alternating towards chest in a running motion. Keep working on this exercise for two minutes straight. It increases the heart rate and works the total body.

Next, Lower Body Strength Station --

Take 5-pound weights and place paper plate under one foot.

Side lunge with sliding leg to outside and reach down with both hands. Slide leg back together to standing position and arms raise to a "T" position. Repeat to other side and perform for 2 minutes.  Works inner/outer thighs and shoulders

Next, Knee Balance Diagonal Chops --

Take your playground ball and knee with feet wide and knees together. Balance on the ball and take both weights with hands together in a  diagonal cross pattern.--towards your hips then over your shoulders.

Perform for 1 minute on each side.

Works core and shoulders.

Next, Lower Body Strength Station --

Take 5-pound weights and place paper plate under one foot. Slide the foot with the plate forward into a lunge position while pressing both hands overhead. Repeat same leg for 1 minute then switch to the opposite side.

Works quads, thighs, glutes and shoulders.

Next, Upper Body Strength Tee Ps --

Start in plank position with plates under feet. Draw the hips upward into a "Down Dog" or Tee P position. Then return to plank. Repeat for one minute.

Works core

Next, Speed Skate Slide --

Place paper plates under both feet and skate from side to side keeping contact with the ground. Keep skating for 2 minutes.

Next, Butt Ball Busters --

Start on your back with feet on the ball and weights in hands. Bend the knees close to the body and life the hips each time your arms bend over your head. Lower hips and extend arms over head to straight position Perform for 2 minutes.

Works triceps, glutes and hamstrings.

Next, Super Ball Crunch --

Place the playground ball under the rib cage in a situp position.  Allow the upper body to open over the ball and slowly crunch up  towards knees. You may add extended arms to increase intensity. Perform for one minute.

Works core.

Repeat the sequence for a 30-minute workout in your own home gym.


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