Off the “Beeten” Path

Web site features local, sustainable, organic food

A Chicago-based Web site is making its mark as an important resource for people who are dedicated to eating locally-produced sustainable and organic food. features articles, blogs, links and forums designed to educate readers about local organic food resources.

"I started this site because my wife and I were in the process of changing the way we shopped and ate, focusing on the source of our food rather than just letting convenience drive our grocery cart," says Editor in Chief Michael Morowitz. "I thought there needed to be an online community where like-minded people could connect with each other, along with farmers, chefs, and activists."

Morowitz was the founder of and also helped worked with, a local culinary discussion group.

So why go out of your way to find such foods? Editor at Large Robert Gardner says "enjoying locally-grown foods is simple, economical, and the difference in taste is remarkable."

Several Chicago food writers will also contribute to the Web site.

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