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Where is the track for the NASCAR street race in Chicago? Here's a look at the course

The 2.2-mile circuit will take drivers past some of the most iconic landmarks in the city, and down some of the most notable streets

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With just two days left until festivities begin in downtown Chicago for the NASCAR street race, fans and newcomers alike are having a difficult time picturing stock cars zooming past major landmarks and a majestic skyline.

The unprecedented race features drivers maneuvering through a uniquely challenging 2.2-mile course, taking the vehicles on some of Chicago's most recognizable streets with twists and turns far from what drivers are accustomed to on July 1-2.

The race will travel through sections of downtown streets around and near Grant Park, with drivers spending time on notable streets such as DuSable Lake Shore Drive, Columbus Drive and Michigan Avenue.

Here is a full map of the track, as provided by NASCAR:

Here is a turn-by-turn breakdown of the 12-turn street race, which is set to take place on July 2, 2023:

Front Straightaway:

The front straightaway and pit road will be housed on South Columbus Drive, running along a two-block stretch that will take the race past the iconic Buckingham Fountain.

Turn One:

The drivers will hang a left onto East Balbo Drive, heading toward Lake Michigan.

Turn Two:

Drivers will then turn right onto the southbound lanes of DuSable Lake Shore Drive, hurtling toward the Museum Campus with the Field Museum ahead of them and with the softball fields at Grant Park on their right.

Turn Three:

The slow right-hand curve in front of the Field Museum will mark the third turn on the track.

Turn Four:

Drivers will hang a 90-degree turn onto East Roosevelt Road at the southernmost point of the circuit.

Turn Five:

Drivers will then turn back onto South Columbus Drive, heading northward down a long straightaway.

Turn Six:

At one of the most interesting parts of the race-track, the drivers will hang a left onto East Balbo Drive, coming close to where Turn One is located.

Turn Seven:

A right-hand turn onto South Michigan Avenue will send the drivers heading back toward the north and into a chicane, representing one of the most challenging spots on the track.

Turn Eight:

Drivers will follow the curve of Congress Plaza to the right, beginning a sweeping chicane that will take drivers across Ida B. Wells Drive.

Turn Nine:

This turn will be located in front of Buckingham Fountain, and will send drivers back toward the left and back toward Michigan Avenue.

Turn Ten:

This turn will put drivers briefly back onto Michigan Avenue, heading northward as they make another quick right-hand turn.

Turn Eleven:

This turn represents the most northerly portion of the course, with drivers hanging another right onto East Jackson Drive. The famous lions of the Art Institute of Chicago will also be near this turn at the intersection of Michigan and Jackson.

Turn Twelve:

This turn will put drivers back on the front straightaway, sending them to the right and back down Columbus Drive for a long straightaway.

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