**I have to admit, it's been a little boring around the old Traffic Lounge lately. Monday's holiday meant there was not much to do, but even today traffic was rather anonymous with one exception. The Kennedy Expressway zoomed to an hour and it hadn't come down by the time I started writing this.

Coincidentally, Metra reported over the weekend that ridership was at an all-time high and ticket sales soared past a 40-year old record. Plus, the CTA continues to note high ridership. If you don't think the sinking economy, high gas prices and helping the environment aren't changing the way we get to and from work in the morning, think again.

**Speaking of the CTA, another "doomsday" scenario looms. Apparently revenues are going to be $155 Million less than anticipated in 2009, and that's WITH a fare hike! More cutbacks and route elimination plans are coming and word is the previous plans are tame compared to this one. Yay!

What do you do? Well, for starters, sorry seniors. You've got to pay again. Seniors riding free on the CTA was the silliest thing that G-Rod rammed through in his time in office. Second, continue the efforts to improve the slow zones. Those have made a huge difference in my eyes and decrease commute time more than we realize. Third, get the riff-raff off the trains, but how do you do that? I couldn't tell you.

**Friday, we were at the Auto Show for the morning broadcast. The Schaumburg Flyers Energy Team got a chance to critque my moves. They said I need to move my hips more. I'll keep that in mind. Now you get a chance to evaluate if you click here

**I was honored to be a judge for the Flight Attendants tryouts that the Flyers held on Sunday alongside Ty from 103.5 KISS FM and Elliot Harris of the Sun-Times. Some good ones, some bad ones. Some hot ones, some not so much. What none of them knew was that, thanks to all the IDTA and TDI events I sat through to support my sister when she was a dancer and now a coach, I was going make sure that I be a critical judge. Best of luck ladies!

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