Buy Valentine's Day Flowers to Help Local Charity

Theresa Marie Weber studied art education in college, but her schizo-affective disorder interrupted her education, and her plans. Today, as an Urban Meadows employee, she displays her artistic talent by striking just the right size, proportion, and color combinations in her floral designs. The store, 120 S. LaSalle St., is owned and operated by mental health nonprofit Thresholds.

In addition to the businesses, Thresholds partners with more than 150 employers to help the group's members get jobs and succeed in them.  The florist's employees make progress in their recovery from mental illness through the simple act of going to work. The staff will soon swell with temporary workers because they have to handle the big Valentine's rush.  In addition to the store, Urban Meadows takes orders through its Web site and by phone: (866) 632-3797.

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