Too Legit To Dance?

So with the Super Bowl fast approaching, we had to call an "audible" on the show today for Dance Friday. The original plan was to mess around with Groundhog Day and play something in relation to that. The only thing I could think of was the Bill Murray movie or the Kenny Loggins song "I'm Alright" and the scene in Caddyshack in which the gopher pops up and dances at the end.

But then Stanley Burrell happened.

The multi-Grammy award winning artist according to Kristen Dahlgren was rumored to be in the area and interested in jumping on, saying that his people heard about it on Twitter. Hmm, why not right?

Sure enough, I get the word he'll be there and ready to go.  So we switched to "U Can't Touch This." I had 5 minutes to change our set up. We had the video all ready to go. I was ready to pull out my moves, wishing I had some parachute pants. The whole traffic gang was pumped. We had a good time with the song in here, but when they cut to Hammer...

(silence) He stood there.

Not sure if he couldn't hear, not sure if he was just confused, but he didn't dance. My guy Austin noted that in an article a while back, Hammer said he wanted nothing to do with the song that ultimately created his rise and fall in the music industry.

Can't blame him. It's hard to be a punchline for two decades, but honest to the man upstairs, we thought his addition would be just for fun and we were genuinely excited about having him join us.

Please, Hammer, don't hurt me!


*Traffic-wise, it was a boring week. Kinda nice considering the hellish weeks of snow we've had. Tuesday morning wasn't fun for some of you, but you were rewarded with today. At 7:55, the Kennedy going to O'Hare was 28 minutes. Nice huh?!

When it's slow, we try to point out some of the fun events going on around town to give you an idea of what to expect from a traffic standpoint. Plus, it's an excuse for Mike Lorber or myself to inject our lame humor or music knowledge or both.

Right-hand man Jim tells me that I failed to mention "Bob the Builder" playing at the Star Plaza Theatre tonight. So in case you're heading to the Region for some family fun, just remember that getting back out onto US 30 is the hardest part. (Also, Jim came up with the name for my "news and notes" portion of the blog. Well done,

*If you're rollin' around on I-88 tomorrow, watch out for some serious pot hole work being done. We all know that isn't the only spot, but they'll be taking out an Eastbound lane until 3pm right around I-355. I drove it yesterday, it's in bad shape.

Have a great weekend!

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