Rise up, go away from my people!

The last two days I've picked up parking tickets at 8:06 AM, and 8:05 AM respectively.

Wow! Really?

The meters go into effect at 8 AM and it feels like the city parking gods camp out near my car waiting for the stroke of eight o'clock almost like tickets were going on sale for the U2 show at Soldier Field. Why not be more efficient? Can't these guys get any closer to 8AM? What's a few more minutes? Tomorrow, I say hammer away at my poor car at 8:02. No wait! 8:01! That's it! Come get me tomorrow at 8:01 AM.

Tuesday's meter didn't have any sticker labeling instructions. So that ticket is under appeal. Today's was legit only because I couldn't feed the meter right at the stroke of 8AM. I'm kind of on the air until then doing a Today Show cut-in. So I'd like to thank you enforcement officer T109 (or whatever you wrote on my ticket). I'll be seeing you tomorrow I'm sure.

**So as the parking meter rage continues to fester among Chicagoans across the city, some of you are starting to show your anger like I am. Check out this follow-up with NBC 5 Genius Carol Marin in today's Sun-Times. Don't forget to catch her special report tonight on the NBC 5 News at 10PM.

Richard Roeper had this to add. Righthand Man Jim pointed out Roeper's best metaphor in his Sun-Times column describing the parking meter situation to be "like dealing with the world's cheapest hooker, who happens to have a thing for math." Brilliant!

People are pissed and I can't blame them. It's getting to the point where I have to spread lamb's blood over my car doors so the spirit can passover, not ticket me, or take my first born. They're enforcing harder so you are more conscious about paying the meter. It works for both LAZ Parking and the city. So keep that in mind when you pick up a rock and start smashing the meter head.

As far as my situation goes, of the 45,000 meters in the city limits I just wish that the city enforcers would start their day somewhere else. That's all.

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