Playboy Going Once, Twice…

The magazine will auction 17 illustrations from its archives on October 15th

What’s on your DVR right now? Frontline and NOVA might be all you’ll admit to, but somebody has been frequenting the E! channel or Ryan Seacrest wouldn’t have his own production company.

Admit it – you love The Girls Next Door, and are still reeling from Hugh Hefner’s break-up with number one girl, Holly Madison… Sniff.

Not to worry. Hometown Hef has an entire empire of spare girlfriends and bunnies to keep him company.

In fact, he's so fulfilled that he’s auctioning a piece of the Playboy empire to the highest bidder.

On October 15th, Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas will officially auction 17 illustrations from the Playboy archives – calling it “Playboy: The Art of Beauty.” (A.K.A.– lots of drawings of busty women)

However, the magazine did lend space to Andy Warhol in its day, and the selection of art also includes pin-up work by Alberto Vargas and a piece by Leroy Neiman – both expected to draw bids upwards of $60,000.

Now, we're not sure why the auction isn't taking place in Chicago, the home of Playboy, (really, Hef?!) but you can still participate online at

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