Oh yeah, I remember them!

**Check out the latest Dance Friday video right here. Today's edition was to the song from Smash Mouth, "Hey now, you're an all-star." Yeah, that Smash Mouth. They had a few hits in the 90's and ... that was about it.

Wonder what they're doing now? Well, they'll be playing in Itasca on the Fourth of July. (No offense to Itasca, been there many times, but it's not exactly the big time these days). Righthand Man Jim knows where everyone is playing this summer. I'm not kidding.

**No parking ticket today, whew. (but the day ain't over yet)

**Went to Wrigley for the Cub game yesterday and if you haven't been to the Captain Morgan Club, do yourself a favor: Walk in, grab a rum and coke (if you're of age) and look around. You'll like it. Sun-Times Guy Elliot Harris blurted out "They should have done this 20 years ago." Right on the money man.

Cub traffic around the park hasn't been bad. Cold weather has contributed. So has a slow economy, unprecidented unemployment, higher gas prices, higher ticket prices, heavy demand...should I go on? Basically you can get to the park from downtown in 20 minutes in your car at 12:30 for a 1:20 first pitch.

**Dancing Upstart and Weekend Traffic Reporter Cassidy will find her way onto the small screen next week. Be sure to check out how she and the Traffic Lounge Crew are handling her newfound popularity.

**Construction Update: I-80 project over the DuPage River is pushed back to this evening. It's like a snow day. You get a one-day reprieve, but you end up paying for it in the end.

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