Odd or Even?

On this one of six "odd" days in the entire century (05/07/09), we didn't have very many odd items come up on the roads. There was a serious crash in NW Indiana that caused a huge traffic mess for at least four hours on I-80/94. It was tragic but not out of the ordinary unfortunately. Later there was chemical scare on Division Street when 12 people were overcome by chemicals from an industrial laundry plant. No one was seriously hurt. It wasn't odd, it was just rare. Even the fire on Neva and Medill wasn't odd, it was just something that happens.

**What is odd? Well, odd is something like this story right here. What makes people think that putting down new paint for the lane markers BEFORE you replace the potholes makes any sense? I clearly have no idea, neither does the Village of Schaumburg or anyone running Cook County. (and check out the photo, it's precicious!)

**Odd is the strange phenomenon of not admitting when you're wrong even when you know it. The fine aldermen of this city are going investigate the deal signed with LAZ Parking and hold hearings starting May 18th. (Nope, my ticket for that one is not for sale, but I do have a pair in the balcony for $50 a pop)

**Odd is me still fighting the ticket madness with a cool half-dozen under appeal. Who else has that many in the system? I'm not sure whether to cringe or be proud!

**Odd was Funnyman Whit's overexcitement for Thursday Traffic Trivia. He lept out of his chair and the peanut gallery was hooting and hollering in anticipation of the answer to "When did we start celebrating National Train Day?" To find out the answer, check out the Chat from today just down below.

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