Make Derrick Rose an All-Star

He is the only Bull who deserves it.

All-Star voting has begun, and as such, the Bulls have begun the campaign to elect as many players as possible to the team. Though not as creative and fun as the Blackhawks ads for Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, the Bulls are pushing their candidates, Derrick Rose, Ben Gordon, Luol Deng and Andres Nocioni. They should only spend their time and money on Rose, as he is the only Bulls' player who has distinguished himself in any way.

The rookie Rose has been a pleasant surprise for the Bulls. With older, more seasoned teammates playing inconsistently, Rose has been a rock, averaging 18 points and 6 assists a game.  He has scored in the single digits only once, where he put up six points in a dismal Bulls loss at Portland. He is already a team leader, giving the Bulls a spark in close situations.

No other player comes close to Rose, or even better than the mediocre of the NBA. Nocioni isn't in the top 50 for rebounders. Though Deng has 14 points per game, he is averaging less than 5 rebounds per game. Gordon does lead the team with 20 points per game, he apparently has forgotten how to pass the ball as he is averaging less than four assists per game. Even with the fan vote deciding starters, it is unlikely that Gordon, Deng or Nocioni will make the team because they just don't inspire anyone to vote with their play.

It is quite different with Rose. He is beloved by fans and writers. His play has been a shining beacon among the rest of the Bulls' mediocrity. He is not only deserving of one vote, he deserves as many votes as your IP address will allow.

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