Hey, Nice Suit Pal!

If you haven't jumped in on Chat With Matt (5:30 am - weekdays online) you're missing out. Here's a rundown of what's come up so far in the last few days:

-I don't do any work, people feed me my info
-Zoraida says I'm a big traffic and sports nerd
-Cubs or Sox?
-The Stevenson Expy slows down when you have 3 crashes and flooding on it.
-Dance Friday rocks
-some guy doesn't like Rob's Blue Suit

...personally, I like the suit. He looks sharp. I wonder though if his brother has a purple suit since he's coaching the High Flyin' Purple Aces in Evansville. Anyway, Chat With Matt, we're doing it everyday at 5:30am, come in and kick it in the Traffic Lounge with us

**Tons of flooding out there. (Lots of rain kinda does that you know) We have some closures noted but not all of them. If you see any, just make a comment or drop me a line and we'll make sure everyone knows

**So I mentioned my parking meter dilemna last week. Here's what happened. There's a certain stretch of meter's where I park everyday (no I don't get a free parking space). This stretch just got switched over to the new meter rate and one day, I found a broken one. It was flashing zeroes, so when I fed the meter, I got nothing. It also is an easy target for a ticket, so I called the new company and they noted the malfuction. Sure enough, I get a ticket a few hours later. Am I paying the $50? Stay tuned.

Just a few days, later (after a few conversations with the meter folks), I found myself feeding $3.50 in quarters into a meter when it broke down. So much for that. A phone call to note another mistake and I was good. But am I getting my $3.50 back? Stay tuned.

We'll keep track...Amount Owed: $53.50

**22 days until the Winter Parking Ban ends (Towing business slows down)

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