Bravo! Chicago Designers Steal the Show

Auditions Held For Future Bravo Reality Show

Bravo is well known for its successful fashion reality TV shows like Project Runway, but soon there may be a new kid on the block.

Local fashion designers lined up outside Joe's Bar (940 W. Weed St.) on Thursday to see if they were "fierce" enough to qualify for a new yet-to-be named reality fashion show on Bravo.

"There's a lot at stake," Says Ethan Peterson, one of the casting judges. "We want to make sure whoever wins this thing is up to par with what is out there in the market today."

Contestants selected from the Chicago talent pool have a long journey ahead of them on the road to TV fame. The designers who  move to the next round of elimination will be asked to create a video blog that represents their clothing line and who they are as a designer.

"This would mean everything," said Ranaldo Perez, a designer who was trying out. "A show like this would show the world what I have to offer."

Let's hope he won't be offering a "hot tranny mess." The casting judges would not comment on potential names and time slots for the new show.  

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