Governor Takes Up Pen, If Not Sword

He says he'll fight charges, but in the meantime he's signing bills into law

You've seen him heading off to work every morning, as police and reporters surround his Ravenswood home.  But what has Gov. Rod Blagojevich been doing once he gets to his downtown office?

Clearly, much of his time has been spent developing a plan, which now includes high-profile defense attorney Ed Genson, who has agreed to take the beleagured governor's case and fight federal charges filed earlier this month. 

The message is that Blagojevich will fight federal charges against him, and is digging in, refusing to respond to multiple demands for his resignation, as a newly-appointed impeachment committee begins work in Springfield.

In addition to tending to those details, it appears the governor has been making his way through a pile of bills on his desk, and not the kind of bills that require payment (although it seems he has a pile of those, too).  No, these are bills that have passed through the legislature and are awaiting the governor's approval.

A news release from the Office of the Governor on Monday outlined a number of items that Blagojevich signed off on, including bills ammending education, law enforcement, public aid and gaming issues. 

Check out a full list of the bills signed Monday in this PDF attachment.

Blagojevich signed another bill on Tuesday.  That, too, is available in PDF document.

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