Glenview's fRedhots Celebrating Two-Year Anniversary With Gifts for You

Got a hankering for a hot dog? Commemorate fRedhots and Fries' second birthday all through November with $2 hot dogs the first week of the month and more weekly specials to follow.

The popular north suburban spot serves up traditional Vienna beef hot dogs in five sizes: regular, jumbo, mini pup, foot-long and the Big Foot, Chicago's largest hot dog, weighing in at 1/2 pound. For gourmands and health nuts, fRedhots offers everything from an all natural buffalo/bison hot dog served with pomegranate-infused sauerkraut and brown whiskey mustard to an Alaskan wild-caught salmon hot dog topped with wasabi aioli, chopped red onions, tomatoes and capers, both served on a wheat bun. The restaurant rotates its exotic meats selection, which includes alligator, antelope and elk.

fRedhot's fries fall firmly in the frites category. The potatoes are cut fresh, cooked twice in canola oil and served in a paper cone with a variety of Belgian-style dipping sauces such as garlic, artichoke and pesto.

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