* First, "Transformers" got the big screen treatment.  This year, we get "G.I. Joe."  But one other 1980s toy is also getting the summer blockbuster treatment...

I am running this on the air Monday morning.  But my blog peeps deserve the early heads-up.

Drew Peterson got arrested yesterday.  What is this world coming to when you can't murder two of your four wives and get away with it?

What's worse, HBO won't let him come to work at their reality show whorehouse.  It's almost like murdering your wives makes you unpopular or something.  What gives?

* When the BodyWorlds exhibit of human corpses was at the Museum of Science & Industry, we were not so lucky as to see dead bodies having sex.  But Berlin hit the reverse cowboy jackpot.

Bulletproof turbans?  Wow, "Q" must be running out of ideas for 007 gadgets.

Some baby foods are worse than junk food.  Explains why babies are always so fat.

* Science!  You will always hate your parents, and your parents will always hate you.

* Cassidy was not on Dance Friday today.  Dance Friday with no Cassidy is like Disney World with no Mickey.

Do not let voters decide the fate of your mustache.  (Choice quote from the article: "(His wife is) sick of puckering up for a kiss and getting poked in the eye.")

* You know T.G.I. Friday's is trying too hard when they start throwing in severed snake heads with their broccoli.

* Despite Bristol Palin's best attempts to promote abstinence, New York City teens scoff, whore it up.

Cops vs. Coyotes.  With paintballs.

Leonard Nimoy cried watching the new "Star Trek" movie.  Kinda like how Zoraida cried when I made her watch Leonard Nimoy sing.

Celebrate Mother's Day by taking your mom to see Ben improvise with Whiskey Rebellion this Sunday at 8 p.m. at the iO Theater (3541 N Clark).  Tickets are $12, but on the bright side, there's an hour and a half you won't have to spend making awkward conversation about how you're not married yet.

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