Art Imitates Life at Free Street Theater

Chicago play focuses on foreclosures and the economic crisis

With roots in the spirit of social questioning that followed the assassination of Dr. King, Free Street has been creating theater with Chicago's low-income communities since 1969.

The diverse ensembles, in a city that is still one of the most segregated in America, continue to ask "What's next?" for community, individual and creative development.

Free Street Theater kicks-off its 40th anniversary with a new production created by the professional and teen artists in its ensemble.

Each year, the ensemble creates non-autobiographical performances, developed with writing, that springs from creative explorations by the teen artists. Acting development and script facilitation are directed by Artistic Director Ron Bieganski.

Sub-Prime Youth is a creative reaction to the current economic crisis, weaving the brutal realism of a Mexican-American family facing foreclosure with the emotional surreal music of the Muses of Destruction.

In Sub-Prime Youth, a group of first generation Mexican-American youth finds protection from the collapsing American Dream by inventing a cynical reality. The psychological hit from the failure of all their expectations is tremendous.

Free Street Theater, located at 1419 W. Blackhawk Ave., is free if a patron’s home is in foreclosure. Otherwise, a $15 general admission and $5 students is applied.

Free Street Theater
1419 W. Blackhawk Avenue, 3rd Floor at Pulaski Park.
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