Former Firefighter, Dog Fighter Goes Back to Prison

A former Gary firefighter convicted on 23 charges related to a dog-fighting ring he operated near Crown Point, Ind., is on his way back to jail.

Carlton Davis Jr., 36, who was released on probation after serving just over a year of a two-year sentence, is going back to prison for not following the rules at a Lake County work release program.

Lake Superior Court Judge Salvador Vasquez, who presided at the trial, sentenced Davis to two years in prison, two years in the Lake County Community Corrections Kimbrough Work program and two years of probation. The Indiana Department of Correction offender database shows Davis was released to Lake County on Feb. 9.

Davis admitted before Magistrate Natalie Bokota last month that he was absent from the Kimbrough work program on March 8 and March 10 without permission. After he admitted the allegations, he was evaluated for the sheriff's work release program but didn't qualify, according to a court docket entry.

Davis' appeal of his conviction before the Indiana Court of Appeals is scheduled for oral argument on May 12.

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