The Cubs Have Clubhouse Envy

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When the Cubs were forced to play two "road" games against the Houston Astros this week at Miller Park, they saw a side of the place they haven't seen before when in town to play against the Milwaukee Brewers. Instead of using the visitor's clubhouse, the Cubs were given access to the Brewers clubhouse, and they loved what they saw.

The loved it so much, in fact, that they're getting downright blasphemous. Yep, that's right, ever since they had to return from the spacious clubhouse of Miller Park to the closet they dress in at Wrigley Field, Cubs players are starting to think it'd be nice to have a place like that of their own.

"You never want to see a landmark taken down, a place with so much history," [Jason] Marquis said. "The fans love it. That being said, the game is changing, stadiums are getting updated. There are better facilities, not only for the players, but for the fans-better food concessions, comfortable seats, better views. ...

"If I had a personal choice, I think they should knock Wrigley down and build a replica in the exact same spot to give it that same feel. The same colored seats, same ivy, same wall, and throw up a Jumbotron, but have it look like a replica of the scoreboard that's up there now, try to give it the same feel, in the same spot. I wouldn't be opposed to that."

That sounds great, Jason, but where do you suggest that the team plays while they're doing this? Marquis isn't the only Cub who wouldn't mind new digs, as both Carlos Zambrano and Jim Edmonds said they wouldn't have any problems with playing in a new ballpark either.

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