Sorry, Ravens and Texans Fans: DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket Doesn't Give You Every Game

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DirecTV is fond of telling customers that if they shell out $300 for NFL Sunday Ticket, they'll be able to see every NFL game. But, as Ravens and Texans fans are finding out this weekend, that's not true.

With Ravens-Texans moved to Monday night because of Hurricane Ike, fans of those teams who don't live in Baltimore or Houston are screwed: The game will only be shown on the CBS affiliates in the Baltimore and Houston areas, and will not be available to the rest of the country. If, say, you're a Ravens fan who lives in Nebraska and you bought NFL Sunday Ticket specifically because DirecTV told you you'd be able to see all 16 Ravens games, you're out of luck.

As Mike Florio notes at PFT, fans of the Ravens and Texans who bought Sunday Ticket because they wanted to see their teams should call DirecTV and demand a refund of one-sixteenth of the cost of Sunday Ticket. And they shouldn't hold their breath.

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