Sold in 47 Days! Dream Town Sells Homes Faster and for a Better Price.

Did you know Dream Town sells homes in an average of 47 days? And we get 6.3% above the average Chicago list-to-sale price ratio. That gets you closer to list price than other major Chicago agencies and with a shorter market time. Click here to see how we compare.

How do we do it?

We are leaders in real estate’s most effective advertising outlet – the Internet. With Dream Town, your home gets web exposure and access to buyers no other agency can offer. Eighty-seven percent of buyers start their home search on the Internet, so your listing needs to be online, front and center, to capture house hunters’ attention.

Our advanced online marketing is matched only by our agents’ outstanding customer service and knack for negotiation. Dream Town listing consultants regularly attend negotiation seminars and participate in simulations with industry experts to continuously sharpen skills and adjust techniques to match the ever-changing marketplace.

Only the best in the business can offer you a shorter market time AND a better price.
So why not list with the best?

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