Embark on a Cupcake Crawl

We’ve all done our fair share of pub crawls (and ahem, some of us can remember all of it), but if the idea of boozing from dusk till dawn doesn’t always fit the kind of bonding activity you’re in for, there’s a new kind of crawl in town.

Enter the Cupcake Crawl. Local Chicago Bites food bloggers Tammy Green and Bridget Houlihan sampled cupcakes from over 30 local bakeries (tough job, ladies) to come up with their guide -- a detailed description of how to plan a “Cupcake Crawl” (like a pub crawl, only with cupcakes, y’all).

Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about doing a cupcake crawl is featured in their know-it-all guide; bakery hours, specialties and prices, mapped out routes to get you from one bakery to the next, and more. Even what to eat for dinner that night (a salad, they say is your best bet, to balance out the sugar overload).

What kind of suggestions could you possibly need to conduct a cupcake crawl? Surprisingly, there are plenty. These cupcake experts have thought of everything, such as taking a package of hand wipes and a bottle of water, a street map, an umbrella, sunglasses to make the most of the crawl.

And if you’re completely nuts, you might even outfit yourself and your brood of sugar-hungry cake-a-lings in custom t-shirts, water bottles and more cupcake gear. When you get home that evening, you can rate all your cupcakes in order of presentation, easy access, frosting, cake and bite-ability, then compare with others.

You can buy a fully-pimped out cupcake guide for $9.95, but there's also plenty of info on the Web site to get your started.

Bring on the sugar rush.

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