Celebrity? Spotting: Paris in Chicago

It’s true that Paris Hilton made a somewhat surprise appearance at Enclave Saturday night – and it’s also true that we feel icky writing about it. 

Be that as it may, for some hopelessly tragic celeb-sighting whores, this was apparently a big deal. Plenty of people shelled out the $40 cover charge to party with Paris and her beau, Doug Reinhardt, a former Major League Baseball player who now bats in the minors and makes cameo appearances on The Hills.

The Tribune’s Luis Arroyave blogged about it over the weekend. The scene at Enclave was sporting its usual surfeit of swank until Doug and Paris made their appearance just after midnight – and then the coolness went out the window.

The fashionable threw detachment to the wind and crowded around the VIP area. iPhones came out and cameras started flashing.

Paris and Doug did much of the picture-snapping – mostly of themselves. Arroyave said at one point they spent almost five minutes posing for their own cameras. Then there was the official photo op in the foyer, which you can check out below. We used to wonder what Paris did with her time, but now we know. It’s practicing her sultry-eyed stare for the camera.

The comments on Arroyave's blog tell the whole story -- how much people love to loathe Paris.  One commenter directed his ire at anyone who bothered to show up to catch the B-list celebs, saying, "Anyone who would pay $40 just to go to some place where Paris Hilton was going to be deserves to have their pocket picked."

UPDATE: We apologize for implying that Paris got paid to appear at this event.  As many e-mailers have pointed out, she did not -- but she has for similar events in the past.

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