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Bobby's Bike Hike opens for business March 1

March weather in Chicago is maddening.

We've got snow one day and 60 degree temps the next. Heck, we've even seen snow in April before, so sadly, anything is possible. 

But, the folks at Bobby's Bike Hike must be feeling fairly confident about the possibility of fair weather, because they're opening up their Chicago tours and rental business one month earlier this year (March 1).

Hey, we like your optimism, Bobby, and we hope you're right that spring really is here, or at least close to being here. 

Take a night time tour of the lakefront neighborhoods to see the city lights at night, or take the “Green Chicago Tour,” to wind through some of the city's parks and must-see attractions. 

The tour guides show you how Chicago plans to transform its lakefront into a world showcase for the 2016 Olympic Games and continue its path as a “green city.” 

Check out Bobby's Web site for tour and bicycle rental prices. You can book your reservations online or call 312-915-0995.

See you on the path.

Bobby's Bike Hike
465 N. McClurg Ct.

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