Brookfield Zoo Welcomes a Rare Baby Antelope

Chad is one of 500 Addax alive

Visitors to the Brookfield Zoo are due for a rare treat.

The zoo welcomed a baby Addax antelope named Chad into the mix Monday. Only about 500 Addax, or Shrewhorn antelopes, are known to be alive, with 200 in zoos and 300 in the wild.

The antelope calf is a special treat for the zoo because he is part of an endangered species. The animals are charactarized by long twisting horns that jut straight into the air. They are native to the Sahara desert region and are beleived to have been used as livestock in ancient Egypt.

Chad was born on June 17, but handlers delayed the announcement until he was up to weight. They hand fed him and now he's tipping the scales at 45 pounds.

The baby Addax is on display at the in a zoo yard along 31st Street.

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