Ask Dr. Fashion

Personal stylist Eric Himel is on a mission to make Chicago more glamorous.

Watching the Golden Globes on Sunday reminded us just how great it would be to have a stylist.

But that’s only for celebrities, right?

Not anymore -- enter Eric Himel (a.k.a. Dr. Fashion).

Himel left Los Angeles for Chicago to help the fashion-challenged find their look. He studied under Tim Gunn (of “Project Runway”) at New York’s Parsons School of Design, and has been a personal stylist for years.

His advice doesn't come cheap (about $200/hour) but, let’s face it, who else will help you purge your closet, do all your shopping and give you an honest opinion about what looks good and what doesn’t? 

Himel’s signature service is called “The Closet Purge.” It’s exactly what it sounds like – you’ll sort what to save, donate or toss and he’ll help you re-fill your closet with clothes that look great. 

“Quality over quantity is always relevant – but never more so than in this economy,” says Himel. “It’s more important than ever to stop throwing away your fashion dollars on clothes that don’t fit your body or your lifestyle.”

But, if you need a few months to save up for Himel’s services, you can always send him a fashion question on Yelp.

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