Air Zoraida

**Mars Blackman once said: "It's gotta be the shoes!" Well, I say "It's gotta be the moves!" because Zoraida gets it done. Take a look at the photo above. This is her on Friday learning how to play the air guitar and being a great sport about it. She looked silly and so did all of us on Dance Friday (Check it out for proof!)

The idea was all about fun and that is what we had. Dick Johnson played along, but he wanted an acoustic. I wasn't sure about that. I can see Dick as the folk singer in the movie "Animal House" playing for the ladies when Bluto annoyed by it all yanks the guitar away and smashes it into pieces. He was doing a good thing, "That Guy" was the man in college back then. Today's "That Guy" askes you for a donation on the quad to help his tuition.

Ginger Zee strummed the imaginary six-string while filling in for Andy Avalos. However she didn't do it for long. Giggled a second and realized someone took her bottle of Boone's Farm away. I'm just kidding, she doesn't drink during the show. (Before the show? Beats me!)

**Speaking of Michigan icons, the Detroit Tigers are in town and every damn time they're here, it rains. One rainout between these two this year. Two games last September that forced a "play-in" game before the Playoff Game. Anyway, if you're headed to the Day-Night Doubledip, bring your poncho and don't pay $10 for one at the park. Traffic should be light, can't imagine a lot of people had a makeup game circled on their Monday agenda.

**Cab fare goes up $.50 today with the new surcharge. Why the surcharge? Gas prices stayed above $2.50 for seven straight days. That gives cabbies the okay, but ONLY if they have a sticker that clearly states there's a gas surcharge. If they don't have the sticker, don't pay. Simple as that. If you ever have problems with cabbies, I strongly reccomend you report them to 311. Make sure you have the cab company and the cab number ready. (I've had to do it a few times, they send you a survey. Fill it out! Takes two seconds.)

**Construction Update: I-94 in Wisconsin is down to two lanes between the state line and HWY 50 in Kenosha. It'll be a mess this weekend for sure. Pothole patchwork continues on many expressways. Finally, the Bishop Ford has been scraped and will be blacktopped soon. $28 million bucks from President Obama. He's a Southsider who had to drive it a lot. I'm glad this was first on the list because it's the worst expressway in the entire area.

**Digital switch is coming! Are you ready? I sorta am. (more in the Chat With Matt room tomorrow!)

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