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Ann Sather's Gets the Meeks Treatment



    Meeks Stops By Ann Sather

    The mayoral candidate spoke briefly outside the Ann Sather's restaurant owned by openly gay Alderman Tom Tunney. While there he was unapologetic about his civil unions vote. (Published Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2010)

    James Meeks doesn't think his no vote on the Civil Unions measure that passed the Illinois legislature would hurt his chances of winning election in Chicago.

    Not even in traditionally homosexual strongholds like Lakeview.

    "That's just one issue," he said Wednesday during a stop outside the Ann Sather's restaurant on Belmont street, the same restaurant owned by openly gay alderman Tom Tunney. "They want good schools. This area is concerned about the parking meters issue. This area, they want jobs, this area wants affordable housing."

    Meeks stopped by the restaurant as part of his 50 wards in 50 days tour.

    But he may have planned the stop poorly. When he arrived, restaurant principals were unprepared for his visit and declined to allow cameras in the restaurant.

    Alderman Tunney also missed the meeting.

    "I called Alderman Tunney and told him I would be here and his staff said he might be able to meet me before his 1:30 meeting," Meeks said before going inside for some food.

    Tunney never showed.