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Cheerio! 5 London Sights the Bears Must See



    At the start of the NFL season -- assuming that it happens on time -- the Bears will head to jolly old England to play the Bucs. This is the first time in 25 years the Bears will head across the pond, so Grizzly Detail is here to help with sightseeing tips.

    Lovie Smith at the Changing of the Guard: The Queen's Guard are well known for their ability to keep a stone face as they watch over Buckingham Palace. Lovie Smith is well known for not showing any emotion on the sidelines. No matter if the Bears are winning, losing, imploding or taking over the universe, the coach's face does not change. He could easily don a fuzzy black hat and blend in.

    Johnny Knox and Devin Hester racing across London Bridge: With the world's most famous timepiece keeping pace, Hester and Knox finally could settle the question of who is the fastest Bear on a picturesque setting.

    Jerry Angelo in the Churchill War Rooms
    : Angelo could learn something from Churchill about how to run a war room, like how to smoke a cigar, give a speech and wear a top hat.

    Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari on the Will and Kate Royal Wedding Tour: The Bears' golden couple can follow in the footsteps of the new royal golden couple and check out Will and Kate's favorite jeweler, nightclub and more. It's not as exciting as carving pumpkins, but what is, really?

    The offensive line at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum: The O-line has to learn how to be an unmovable force, so hanging around with unmovable statues of Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Shrek and Pres. Obama could do the trick.