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Taste of the Thermometer

Salmonella outbreak sickened more than 700 two years ago



    Taste of the Thermometer
    Marcus Riley
    You can fell good that the beef you're chewing on is safe at this year's Taste, thanks to a small army of inspectors making the rounds all day every day.

    Two years after a Persian restaurant served up their shirazi salad with a side of salmonella, city food inspectors are on their guard at the Taste of Chicago.

    Chi-Town Daily News took a walk with some of the 60 or so inspectors whose job it is to make sure any food-borne illness is squashed before it becomes an outbreak. Inspectors are working in shifts at this year's Taste, visiting each of the 56 food booths about four times a day. They stick their thermometers where some restaurant managers sometimes wish they wouldn't, and make them throw out food if it hasn't been kept hot or cold enough.

    It does tend to make you feel better that the city is taking health concerns at the Taste so seriously. But we wonder -- can they also throw out the hairy-shouldered guy who came to gnaw on a turkey leg in public, but left his shirt at home? When the city has inspectors for that, it might actually make the Taste an experience everyone could stomach.