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Pei Wei's Big Adventure

P.F. Chang’s kid sister opens Midwest digs.



    Even with a multitude of choices for Asian cuisine in the city, many Chicagoans -- and tourists we presume -- can't get enough of the non-traditional gstr they serve at chain restaurants. Yes, we're talking to you P.F. Changs.

    But why mess with success? That's why we're not surprised to see a lower-priced, faster-serviced Chang relative, Pei Wei, in town. The new spot offers basically the same menu of Asian delights as P.F. Chang’', but at a lower price and in a more casual environment.

    Line up to place your order, then grab a number, fill up your fountain drink and grab a table. The waiters bring your stir-fried creations to you in just minutes, and you’ve got yourself a P.F. Chang's-esque meal for less.

    Friendly on the wallet and time saving -- what's not to love?

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