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Bad Economy Claims Two Restaurants

Le Lan and Soul close their kitchens



    Bad Economy Claims Two Restaurants
    You won't be able to get dishes like this at Soul anymore.

    Creating a successful restaurant is tough enough in boom times, and now, with the economy struggling, many more area eateries are struggling to stay afloat.

    That's why it wasn't terribly surprising to hear the announcement of the closing of two popular -- but apparently not popular enough -- area restaurants.

    Le Lan, a French-Vietnamese restaurant at 749 N. Clark, and Soul, located in Clarendon Hills, are both shutting their doors.

    Le Lan in particular has received plenty of accolades over the years, including Best New Restaurant by Chicago magazine in 2005 and "3 enthusiastic stars" from Chicago Tribune food critic Phil Vettel.

    "We had to close due to a downturn in business that we attribute to the current economic situation," said Howard Davis, who owns both restaurants. "We appreciate all of the great effort our staff made over the years in creating very high quality restaurants, and we are grateful to all of our customers who supported us over the years."

    Le Lan opened it's doors in July 2004 and Soul opened in June of last year.