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Samantha Ronson Keeps it Real

LiLo's embattled ex steps away from the turntables and picks up a guitar



    Samantha Ronson Keeps it Real
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    Samantha Ronson will be bringing her one-woman show to Chicago.

    Isn't it weird how when you're career is at its best your love life is often at its worst? Just ask Samantha Ronson, she of the never-ending celebrity DJ appearances and ominpresent bowler hat (not to mention a love life that most of us know more about than we care to), who has as apparently been moved to write, sing and play on an upcoming album. Gee, wonder what (or more appropriately, who) those songs will be about...

    Find out for yourself when the tabloid turntablist performs a live acoustic set at Angels & Kings at 9PM on Thursday, May 7. The show will serve as a preview of her upcoming album and will be her first live performance in Chicago. Not many people know about Ronson's pre-DJ singing career (we had to do our research on iTunes), but her sound is a bubblegum pop-punk kind of thing. Don't worry, Ronson isn't giving up her records -- she'll be back behind the turntables at 11PM on Friday, May 8 at Crimson Lounge, where the in-demand DJ holds a residency.