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Chicago Musician's Song Featured on "Jersey Shore"

Mr. Robotic's "Earth Girls" remix to be featured on MTV show



    Chicago Musician's Song Featured on "Jersey Shore"
    More than 5 million people will hear Mr. Robotic's "Earth Girls" song on "Jersey Shore."

    A local rapper/musician owes a debt of gratitude to the art of fist pumping.

    When MTV's "Jersey Shore" airs Thursday night, the background song played during a club scene will be courtesy of Chicago's Marcas Harris, aka Mr. Robotic.

    Harris, 23, first recorded the song "Earth Girls" in 2008, but recently remixed it to give the track a dancier feel (See YouTube video below). MTV obviously approved.

    "It's huge. Jersey Shore gets like 5.4 million viewers, so I can expect to see a nice little bounce after the episode airs," Harris says. "I can't wait to see how many hits I get on the Web site and how many hits I get on the song."

    Especially since the show has started listing both the name of the track and the artist on screen whenever a song plays.

    Mr. Robotic's sound is closer to the Black Eyed Peas form of hip hop than say, 50 Cent's. And the 2008 Columbia College grad also isn't taking the traditional route to success that most rappers travel. He's making his living by getting TV and movie placements. His song "We Got 'Em" was featured on ESPN's Sportscenter and on the Stomp the Yard 2 movie and soundtrack. Another track will be featured on an ABC Family sitcom next year and he also penned the theme song for the Greater Than sports drink.

    "It just makes more sense for the type of music I make. A lot of rappers can't get on TV, so to get one placement is amazing, but to get them back-to-back -- I'm lucky," he says.

    So why hasn't all this success led to a major-label signing? Harris says he could have signed somewhere by now, but he'd prefer to build his own buzz.

    "Usually people just sign for whatever, but I want more leverage when I do sign, so I'm not starving for money and sign a bad deal," he says.

    And when he does, sounds like he'll be fist-pumping all the way to the bank.