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Husband Jumps in Front of Wife’s SUV to Keep Her from Voting, Police Say

"She was planning on voting for a certain candidate, and it wasn't the candidate he wanted her to vote for," police chief tells paper



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    A marital fight over a recall election reportedly send one man to the hospital.

    It’s just politics, people.

    A Wisconsin man was hospitalized Tuesday after reportedly hurling himself in front of an SUV his estranged wife was driving in an effort to keep her from voting.

    Jeffrey Radle, of Chippewa Falls, had been arguing with his wife, Amanda Radle, Tuesday afternoon over how she planned to vote in the state’s gubernatorial recall primary, police told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

    The paper reported that Amanda Radle was in favor of the effort to unseat GOP Gov. Scott Walker, a stance that Jeffrey Radle opposed.

    When Amanda Radle attempted to pull out her husband stood in front of her, the Journal Sentinel reported, citing a police statement.

    She reportedly went on to nudge him  several times with the Dodge Durango she was driving. Each time Jeffrey would “retreat and re-establish his ground,” police said in their statement.

    At one point Amanda Radle tried to drive around him, but her husband jumped in front of the car and was hospitalized for injuries to his head, neck and back, police said.

    Police told the Journal Sentinel that it wasn’t the first time they had been called to the couple’s house and they believed the pair were separated.

    Presumably the estranged couple will leave political bloodsport to the politicians the next time around.

    Walker easily overcame a Republican primary opponent backed by liberals on Tuesday and will go head-to-head against Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in June.