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UFC commentator Joe Rogan reacts to Tim Anderson-José Ramírez fight

The UFC commentator and his guests react to Tim Anderson's fight with José Ramírez live

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"We got a side story going on right now."

The Joe Rogan Experience recorded a podcast episode on Friday titled "Fight Companion" with Eddie Bravo, Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub talking about fighting. Jamie Vernon -- Rogan's producer -- interrupted the conversation to make the cast privy to Tim Anderson's fight against José Ramírez during Friday night's White Sox-Guardians game.

The podcasters and its viewers reacted together to their first viewing of Anderson fighting Ramírez, as the two engaged in boxing stances applicable for review by the fighting experts.

"Oh, s---! Oh!" Schaub and Bravo yelled in unison.

"Oh, he got dropped!" Schaub exclaimed.

"Dude he got dropped!" Bravo said.

"And that's the best player on the White Sox," Schaub asserted.

The expert fighting commentator, Rogan, jumped into the conversation after being speechless through the first watch.

"He got off a couple of punches first, too. He looked like he had good hands first," Rogan said of Anderson. "Well, the first guy, the guy who came forward, this guy (referring to Anderson), with the Southpaw, he looks like he knows what he's doing."

"He flung that right hand. Winged it. Bang!" Rogan said, referring to Ramírez's right hand that knocked down Anderson.

Anderson and Ramírez partook in a fight that turned into a multi-round brawl between both teams.

The backstory on the fight: Anderson tagged out Brayan Rocchio after seemingly pushing his hand off the bag the day prior to the fight. The initial call was safe, though New York overturned the call and ruled Rocchio out.

That call caused Terry Francona to receive an ejection after screaming in the home plate umpire's face. The seemingly dirty play wasn't received well by the Guardians, leading to a fight between the division rivals.

Anderson was concussion tested after the fact, according to the White Sox. He passed the test.

Though, MLB suspended him for six games. Pedro Grifol (one game), Emmanuel Clase (one game), Ramírez (three games), Francona and third base coach Mike Sarbaugh (one game) were also suspended as a result of the brawl.

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