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Big Friends List=Big Brain

Grow your amygdala on Facebook.



    Big Friends List=Big Brain
    A large friends list probably means a large amygdala.

    If you have a large Facebook friends list, you probably have a large amygdala.

    The amygdala is part of the brain that controls memory and emotions and a new study indicates it's an important part of social behavior.

    "We found that amygdala volume correlates with the size and complexity of social networks in adult humans," the study Amygdala Volume and Social Network Size in Humans says.

    There are about 600 million users on the Palo Alto-based social network (check out this map if you're curious what that looks like), so it makes sense.

    But don't go on a friending rampage. A larger amygdala doesn't necessarily mean a healthier amygdala.

    There is research suggesting we can only manage 150 friendships at once. And there is even a national holiday dedicated to unfriending.