Colvin, Impaled by Bat, Now Stable

One day after being stabbed in the chest by an airborne broken bat, The Cubs' Tyler Colvin said in a written statement that he's doing OK.

"I want to thank Cubs fans for their support all season, especially right now," Colvin said. The Cubs report that Colvin remains in stable condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami and is expected to stay in the hospital a few more days for observation.

Colvin was running from third on Sunday when Welington Castillo's bat broke on a double to left field. The heavy end of the bat flew toward Colvin, hitting him just below the collarbone on the left side of his chest. The broken bat fell away, and Colvin grabbed his chest but continued to home.

You can see the piece of the bat that stabbed Colvin in the photo above. 

The Cubs say there was "minimal external bleeding" from the wound, but Colvin was nonetheless taken to nearby Jackson Memorial Hospital for treatment.  It's not clear how deep the wound was, but he will need stitches, according to a Tribune report.

Colvin may be kept overnight at the hospital, and it's a possibility the rookie may be out for the rest of the season, although no official decision has been made.

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