The Big Ten Is Bullying Northwestern Again

Mom! They keep scheduling us for homecoming!

The last time we checked in on Northwestern football, it was the subject of a truly hilarious rap video created by a Northwestern alum, who, for whatever reason, has chosen not to use his Northwestern communications degree in a way that would make his parents proud. Tsk, tsk. (I'm just kidding, of course. The video wasn't that bad, and maybe his parents are really proud of him. He does have talent, you know.)

In any case, that was the last time we crossed paths. Northwestern was 5-0, and from the burgeoning Northwestern rap song market, things were looking good. Since then, the Wildcats have beaten Iowa in Iowa City, beat Purdue in Evanston at Northwestern's homecoming, and then lost to Indiana at their homecoming. So things are going decidedly less well now, but NU still has a good record at 6-2. They could finish with even more. Not too shabby.

But that's not enough. Like any other group of football players conditioned to believe that it's them vs. the world, the Wildcats want "respect." They want to prove the haters wrong. First step toward that goal -- try to get teams to stop scheduling them as homecoming games every single weekend.

Teams often schedule homecoming for the game they expect is their best chance to win.

That gets under Northwestern's skin.

"Most definitely," said running back Omar Conteh, who will fill in for injured Tyrell Sutton for the rest of the season. "It shows they have no respect for us."

Aw, you guys! Look! Northwestern's showing a little moxie. I didn't know they had it in them.

Next step: Getting the school to buy the team a plane.* It's hard to take on the world when all you have is a few purple and black Astrovans.

*Team may or may not already have a plane. I don't really know.

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