Chicago White Sox

Joel Quenneville Throws Out Wild First Pitch at White Sox Game

Chicago Blackhawks head coach Joel Quenneville threw out the first pitch at the Chicago White Sox game on Wednesday night, and it didn't go particularly well.

The White Sox were celebrating Blackhawks Night at Guaranteed Rate Field, and while Jim Cornelison nailed the National Anthem, Quenneville didn't do quite as well at throwing the opening pitch:  

"I'm a little embarassed; I haven't thrown a baseball in a while," Quenneville told reporters. "That was brutal, that was awful. You could say that was a bad, bad shot or like a fan on a (hockey) shot." 

Quenneville's pitch wasn't as bad as 50 Cent's infamous throw before a New York Mets game, or as bad as the pitch that a Boston Red Sox fan threw that hit a photographer in an unfortunate spot, but it still leads us to conclude that he should probably stick to hockey from now on. 

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