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Dallas Keuchel's ‘We're Not the Cubs' Comments Come Back to Haunt Him

Keuchel said the Astros were a more talented team than the 2017 Cubs

The Houston Astros were eliminated from the postseason on Thursday at the hands of the Boston Red Sox, and the loss could potentially give Chicago Cubs fans something to chuckle about.

Before the season began, Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel was asked whether he was concerned about the team potentially having a hangover of sorts after winning the championship. His answer at the time likely piqued Cubs fans, because he took a shot at the 2016 champions.

“We’re not the Cubs,” he told the Washington Post. “I firmly believe we have better players.”

With the Astros’ defeat, it has now been nearly two decades since a big league team repeated as champions, the longest drought in history, and the similarities to the Cubs will likely make Keuchel revise his stance.

After all, the Astros won the championship on the road at Dodger Stadium in a Game 7, just like the Cubs did when they beat the Cleveland Indians in 2016. The Astros also went on to lose the League Championship Series in five games on their home field, just like the Cubs did in 2017 when they lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers at Wrigley Field.

The one area where the Astros have some bragging rights is that they won 103 games in the season after capturing the World Series, while the Cubs only won 92 games in the 2017 campaign.

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