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‘I Want to Celebrate With My Teammates:' Tim Anderson Not Backing Down After Spat With Royals

Anderson was ejected after he was hit by a pitch following his home run and celebration against the Royals

A day after Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson’s bat flip sent shockwaves through the baseball world, the infielder revealed that he isn’t planning on changing his approach to the game.

Anderson, who flipped his bat after hitting a mammoth two run home run against the Kansas City Royals on Wednesday, was later hit by a pitch and subsequently ejected in the benches-clearing argument that followed. Despite the controversy and the new bruise that he’s sporting after being hit, he’s not planning to tone things down any time soon.

“Guys are going to strike me out and I’m going to get guys,” he said before the White Sox game Thursday against Detroit. “The game goes like it always has been going. When I definitely get those guys, I want to celebrate with my teammates. When they get me, they can celebrate with their teammates. I’m not going to get mad.”

The Royals denied that they threw at Anderson because of the celebration, but the exchange caught the attention of baseball fans around the country, with some arguing that Anderson should be allowed to celebrate, while others say that his celebration violated the “unwritten rules” of baseball and that his actions deserved retribution.

No matter what side of the aisle baseball fans fall on, Anderson says that he just wants to have fun and be himself on the diamond.

“I don’t have any rules. I play fun, I play to have fun, and I play with a lot of energy,” he says.  

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