Barber Shaves Amazing Arrieta Portrait on Fan's Head

A haircut featuring a portrait of Chicago Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta has taken over social media as the Cubs look to finish their series against the St. Louis Cardinals Tuesday.

Miguel Rosas, the man behind the intricate hair design, posted a photo of his work on Instagram last week and as the Cubs soared to new heights in the postseason, the photo garnered national attention.

“After I did it I was so shocked by my own work that I had a really good feeling that it was going to go big,” Rosas, of Moline’s New Style Barbershop, told NBC Chicago.

The image features a portrait of Arrieta and the hair-raising stare batters see when they look at him on the mound. It also has a Cubs logo colored red, white and blue.

The design took about two hours to complete, Rosas said.

Since it was first posted, the photo has been shared on Major League Baseball’s Instagram account, receiving more than 60,000 likes, and even on Arrieta’s Twitter account.

Rosas said he has since received numerous requests from fans asking him to shave the design on their heads, or to do a portrait of a different player.

“Phones are ringing off the hook in my shop,” he said.

But there’s one call he said he hasn’t received – one offering him tickets to a postseason game at Wrigley Field.

“That’s the only phone call I haven’t got yet,” he said.

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