After Getting ‘Jewelry,' Lackey Finally Gets Haircut

Chicago Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta shaved his beard off after the team won the World Series last week, but he isn’t the only hurler on the team that’s gotten a little taken off the top.

That’s because pitcher John Lackey is also getting in on the haircut game, according to a photo from his wife Kristina:

Normally a baseball player getting a haircut would be no big deal, but in this case, his trip to the stylist is actually worth discussing.

Back in August, Lackey was his usual combative self with reporters, but he dropped an absolute gem of a quote during a press conference that quickly became his trademark quip of the season.

“We’re trying to win the World Series. I didn’t come here for a haircut,” he told reporters. “I came here for jewelry.”

Well, at least now that the Cubs have won the championship and guaranteed themselves some of the biggest rings in the history of sports, Lackey feels free to let his hair down, so to speak.

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