2017 Cubs Convention: Top Five Events to Check Out

While the annual Cubs Convention is a spectacle that has taken on a life of its own over the course of its three-plus decades of existence, the 2017 edition promises to be the most memorable and the biggest celebration ever held its history.

That, naturally, comes as a result of the team winning its first World Series championship in 108 years, which sent demands for tickets and hotel rooms through the stratosphere when the Cubs captured the Commissioner’s Trophy in November. With a rabid fanbase ready to celebrate, Friday’s Opening Ceremony at the Sheraton Grand will be loud, emotional, and exhilarating reliving of one of the team’s proudest moments.

As a whole, the weekend has the feel of a celebration of what it means to be a Cubs fan, as the team looks to thank those that have accompanied the club on the journey from doormat to potential dynasty. With that in mind, here are the five events that fans should most be looking forward to as the team celebrates its place atop the baseball world.

Friday: The Opening Ceremonies

Look, we know that it’s always packed to the gills and that this year is going to be complete pandemonium, but how many opportunities will fans get to hear the words “please welcome your World Series champion Chicago Cubs” in their lifetime? With all the pageantry, the countless video tributes, and just about every major player from the team that broke a century-long drought, this party is going to get started right.

Friday Night: Ryan Dempster’s Talk Show

Given the fact we know the Cubs like to have a good time and crack jokes, this evening with Dempster should be a hoot and a half. It’s unclear which Cubs players or coaches will accompany the pitcher on-stage, but it should be an interesting time and should be a great opportunity for players to let loose.

Saturday: The All-Star Infield Panel

There are plenty of great panels on Saturday, including one with Theo Epstein and another with Joe Maddon, but this one should be very interesting indeed. With Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Addison Russell, and Ben Zobrist all on stage, there won’t be a bigger collection of star power during the day, and the guys will probably have at least a few crazy stories from Bryant’s wedding last weekend.

Saturday: The World Series Trophy Room

A picture at Cubs Convention is worth a thousand words, but a photo with the Cubs’ World Series trophy is one that few people ever thought they would get. The line is going to be long, but the wait will certainly be worth it for those patient enough to survive it.

Sunday: Down on the Farm

Even though the Cubs have generated plenty of talent from their minor league system, there are still players on their way through the prospect ranks that could make an impact on the team as they look to repeat as World Series champions. Getting the inside scoop from development guru Jason McLeod will be a great cap to a weekend of celebration and baseball.

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