Key Matchups: Chicago Vs. Tennessee

Will the Chicago Bears win again on Sunday? Click through to see the key match-ups between the Chicago Bears and the Tennessee Titans.

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Quarterbacks | Advantage = Jay Cutler
Matt Hassleback has been playing strong since taking over for Jake Locker in Tennessee. But he has a limited amount of weapons. Jay Cutler should be able to take advantage of a weak secondary. The Titans original quarterback, Jake Locker, is out from an injury giving veteran Mathew Hasselbeck a chance to shine and take over as starting quarterback if The Titans beat the Bears Sunday. This gives the Titans an advantage especially Since Jay Cutler suffers from a rib injury after last weeks game.
Running Backs | Advantage = Bears
Chris Johnson has been something of a mystery this year. Matt Forte is solid. Matt Forte is an all around better running back than Chris Johnson. But in addition to their individual stats, Johnson is on the injured list for an ankle injury but he is expected to still play on Sunday, giving the Bears the advantage this week again.
Tight Ends | Advantage = Titans
The Titans' Jared Cook has been playing above his weight class this season. The Bears tight end situation is yet to develop. Both Kellen Davis and Jared Cook are great players for their teams, but Cook has the advantage this week. Although the Titans lost against the Colts, Cook played a far better game than Davis.
Wide Receivers | Advantage = Bears
Two words: Brandon Marshall. Both Devin Hester and Kenny Britt are all-stars for their teams and although Britt suffers from a knee injury, he will most likely still perform to his fullest abilities.
Defense | Advantage= Bears
The question is not which defense is better, but how many times the Bears defense will score. Although the Bears defense wasn't exactly the strongest last week against Carolina, they still have a good chance against Tennessee. All of the Titans line backers are injured, so they will need to pull together their strong defensive ends to pull the weight against the Bears number 1 ranking defense.
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