Key Matchups: Bears vs. Redskins

The Bears shouldn't have a hard time against the 1-4 Redskins.

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Coach | Advantage Bears
nAside from their win against Oakland, the Redskins keep losing, and it doesn't paint the best picture of Mike Shanahan's coaching ability. He's heading a messy team and isn't doing the best job of fixing it up.
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Quarterback | Advantage Bears
nRG3 isn't a bad quarterback, but he's had a rough year. Especially when you compare it to his outstanding 2012 season. Jay Cutler definitely has the advantage over RG3's rough completion rates and severe lack of an offensive line to work with.
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Running back | Advantage Bears
nMatt Forte barely skates by Alfred Morris, but he does. They both know how to run the ball and score touchdowns. However, Morris' performance hasn't been up to 2012 standards this season. It's arguably not his fault, but regardless, it gives Forte the upper hand in this game.
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Wide receiver | Advantage Bears
nBrandon Marshall continues to dominate, and Josh Morgan continues to get dominated. Morgan has seen only 121 yards this season and hasn't scored a single touchdown. Marshall doesn't have any competition here.
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PR/KR | Advantage Bears
nDevin Hester has 575 yards on kick returns for 2013, and Chris Thompson has 160. We're really beginning to wonder if Hester has super powers.
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Defense | Advantage Bears
nAnyone who has played the Redskins this season has been able to rack up the points pretty easily. That doesn't bode well for them going up against Forte and Marshall. The Bears' defense, meanwhile, shouldn't have a hard time holding the Redskins' broken offense.
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