Tyler “Bones” Thigpen Will Start Sunday for the Chiefs. You Know, at Quarterback.

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You may think that 14/33 for 151 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT wouldn't cut it as an NFL quarterback. But then, you probably don't know the Chiefs very well, then, do you?

Herm Edwardsaffirmed this week that third string quarterback Tyler Thigpen would start against the Falcons this weekend. This after a performance that could be characterized as "dismal," "unfortunate," or "tragic in the context of the modern quarterback." But, as Bob Gretz points out, when facing the Atlanta pass rush with the sieve that is current Chiefs O-line, you need mobility, and Damon Huard doesn't really have that as he's older than most of the cast of Batteries Not Included.

The reasons for Thigpen to get another crack at it are numerous. After all, he's at least got upside and physical skills with which to build on, which Huard doesn't, and the only way for Thigpen to improve is to get snaps. The biggest reason, of course, is that he's the only quarterback on staff with a passion for skeletons. Matt Ryan's probably never even seen a skeleton naked. Viva La Bones Thigpen!

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