That Hot Hefner Girl and Hank Baskett Might be Engaged and Dating

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Look at this picture of Hank Baskett. Now Look at this (NSFW) picture of "The Girls Next Door" star and former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, Kendra Wilkinson. I'll give you a second.

Okay, now I think it is the perfect time to tell you that they are rumored as being engaged or dating or Playboy Grotto friends or something. Here, the always great Brendon from WWTDD explains.

Perez is saying today that Kendra Wilkinson MIGHT be dating Philadelphia wide receiver Hank Baskett, which just proves all his inside sources are (crap) because Kendra is engaged to Hank, and has been for some time. Lots of people know this but everyone likes Kendra so no one was in a hurry to blow her up, me included. But if their relationship is out there, you might as well know the whole story.

I'm going to go out on a really thick limb here and say that Kendra and Hugh Hefner probably were never in love and this whole thing was to make this blond girl more famous than she already was. Mission accomplished. The thing is, you should really be careful when messing around behind Hef's back. If the guy wrote you in his will, you probably should suck it up and hang around until the Pajama God kicks the bucket. I called Kendra to ask her what she thought of all this and this is what she said. "(Giggle, giggle, giggle) Huh?!?!? :-) I don't get the question? Am I, like, you know, dating a football player? Hehehe, I <3 football. ROTFLMAO! "

Because this story isn't really news by any means, I'm linking to more pictures of Kendra. They are here, here, here, here, and here, and I'd tell you they are NSFW but you should know that, because I'm sure she has never taken a pictures with more than 8 percent of her body clothed. That's actually against her religion.

[Ufford Love, With Leather]

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